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Visit to Israel & Palestine

I visited Israel and Palestine in 2007, and was amazed at the number of walls and check points that people have to travel through in their day-to-day lives.
Not everyone is allowed through, and the crossing of the lines marked out by the walls is very symbolic. Some people view areas as their land, others as historically belonging to their own people.

The walls around Bethlehem, graffitied by Banksy and others with the contrasting motifs of masked bombers and donkeys, made a real impact on me. A place of peace is in the midst of a war.

Here is a short that I made about a wall (Motorway) that divides society. Hope you like it. It's called 'The Other Side'

‘The Other Side’ - Funny bloopers R us

Around the globe, walls spring up to divide neighbors

Alrededor del mundo aparecen paredes para dividir vecinos
Por Bernd Debusmann, corresponsal especial
TIJUANA, Mexico, April 30 (Reuters) - What do Tijuana, Baghdad and Jerusalem have in common?
TIJUANA, México, 30 de abril (Reuters) - ¿Qué tienen en común Tijuana, Bagdad y Jerusalén?
They all have walls that divide neighbors, cause controversy and form part of an array of physical barriers around the world that dwarf the late, unlamented Iron Curtain.
Todas ellas tienen muros que dividen barrios, causan controversia y forman parte de una serie de barreras físicas en todo el mundo que hacen que la antigua y no lamentada Cortina de Hierro parezca pequeña.
There are walls, fences, trenches and berms. Some are reinforced by motion detectors, heat-sensing…

Something there is that doesn't love a wall ...

I’d like to make a film for this too…. ... Reminded me of a poem I studied at school by Robert frost -

Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,
That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it,
And spills the upper boulders in the sun;
And makes gaps even two can pass abreast.
The work of hunters is another thing:
I have come after them and made repair
Where they have left not one stone on a stone,
But they would have the rabbit out of hiding,
To please the yelping dogs. The gaps I mean,
No one has seen them made or heard them made,
But at spring mending-time we find them there.
I let my neighbour know…

The walls of Shame

We are two french director and have recently finished a 52’ documentary called “The walls of Shame”.
The fall of the Berlin Wall gave us hope for the end of divisions. However, 20 years later, many walls, be it of concrete, metal or wire, have been erected thoughout the world. In the U.S.A., in Israel, in Europe, and in many other parts of the world. The aim of these new walls is not to prevent people from going out, like in Berlin, but to prevent them from coming in. In our so-called global world, these walls are for us the evidence of a global crisis.
In Mexico, in Israel, in Berlin, we met those who live near these walls,…

Mexico - The Frontier-Wall Between the United States and Mexico.

The “Anti-Immigration” Wall of the Tercera Nacion: Between Wealth and Poverty
Extract from a book “Des murs entre les hommes” (published at La Documentation française, 2007) translated by David Chuter.

The frontier between the United States and Mexico, 3,200 kilometres long, crosses the whole continent, from the Pacific Ocean on the West of California to the Gulf of Mexico, off Texas in the East. We have chosen to start our tour from San Diego, fourth largest city in California, and Tijuana, the fourth largest city in Mexico.
San Diego is a peaceful town by the sea, clean and colourful. Its extension, the town of San Isidro, is the main entry point to Tijuana, a sprawling city under constant development. Every…

Mexico - a story of captivity

Ocurría el verano del año 2000 en Arizona y con mis binoculares visualizaba el escueto pelaje gris pardo que contrastaba con un rosa fosforescente que yacía en el cuello de una hembra de año y medio de la subespecie en peligro de extinción de lobo mexicano.  Nuestra misión era encontrarla, atraparla y llevarla de regreso al área donde meses antes había sido liberada. Sin embargo ella tenía otros planes, emigrar.

Con especial cariño inicie la búsqueda de este ejemplar y al ver su errático andar en aquel verano que la encontramos solo exclamé en mis adentros conteniéndome sin dejar externar toda expresión emotiva que me delatara ante mis compañeros: “¡Buena suerte amiga! Adelante con tu lucha, sigue con tu búsqueda,…

Obama's speech at the Berlin Wall - but what about the one the US is building at the Mexico border?

Gaza - The true story behind this war is not the one Israel is telling.

I came across an article from our UK paper “The Independent” that astounded me today, perhaps because it is a clear and undiluted approach to a current tragedy; also about a wall, similar to the border you have chosen as a subject. I thought it might interest you as this would be the subject of the film I would make if I thought the media would broadcast it.

Johann Hari: The true story behind this war is not the one Israel is telling.

The world isn’t just watching the Israeli government commit a crime in Gaza; we are watching it self-harm. This morning, and tomorrow morning, and every morning until this punishment beating ends, the young people of the Gaza…

Nicaragua - Mexican coyotes (people smugglers)

Me gustaría contar lo que me contó un taxista en Managua. Él intento cruzar hacia el norte, por tierra, hasta USA. Fue llevado por coyotes hasta Honduras donde lo asaltaron, por lo que tuvo que regresar a Nicaragua. En esa ocación perdio 3,000 dolares.
En el segundo intento llego hasta México, pero la Migra Mexicana lo detuvo y deporto hacia Guatemala. Desde ahí realizo un ultimo intento, para ser detenido una ves más por la policía méxicana.
Los coyotes guías, cuando se tienen, lo llevaban por caminos fuera de carretera, únicamente comiendo frijoles (cuando había) y durmiendo en el suelo. Finalmente, cansado de tanto maltrato, asalto y llevadera por los países, regreso a Nicaragua.
Ahora trabaja como taxista, y ahí…

Mexico/USA - what does the wall represent?

I’d like to ask that when you explore the look at the wall it isn’t simply about people fleeing poor mexico into the wonderful US of A there are plenty of mexicans, (i assume i’ve never been) that wouldn’t want to go to America, even if they could earn more. Also how about the economic reasons, ie NAFTA forcing mexicans across. Isn’t the wall just another neo-liberal policy of backwards socialism, public money into the private hands of corps like blackwater

Mexico / US border - an important site of cultural exchange, migration flows and inequalities

I’m greatly encouraged by the possibility of part of the film focusing on the site of Tijuana, as Gael discussed with Annie Lennox. Not only is it clearly an important site of cultural exchange, migration flows and inequalities but, as with many border areas, the creation of difference is on some levels only imaginary because the strict lines of cultural division that national borders insist upon, do not accurately embrace the realities of movements between and against them.
Importantly the factory culture of female workers in Cuidad Juarez, would also be an interesting inclusion perhaps, where the many unsolved “femicide” cases speak volumes on some of the extremely negative aspects of machista culture. Of course, I do not intend to…

Mexico - A Wall and a War

My form of resistance is a silent one.  One that is common when living in a bordertown. It is one of sadness and hope.  It is that of the border wall and a drug war.  Both are things that seem like they have no solution.
I’ve lived in Los Angeles, San Diego & Tijuana, MX.  Out of all three, my favorite place of all was Tijuana, MX.  Many view it as a party town, but its not.  It’s more than that.  It’s an explosion of culture. A world within a city. It is a fusion of new and old. It is truly a concrete jungle.  But its a beautiful one full of life and movement.  There aren’t many places where…

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