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Obama's speech at the Berlin Wall - but what about the one the US is building at the Mexico border?

Mexico/USA - what does the wall represent?

I’d like to ask that when you explore the look at the wall it isn’t simply about people fleeing poor mexico into the wonderful US of A there are plenty of mexicans, (i assume i’ve never been) that wouldn’t want to go to America, even if they could earn more. Also how about the economic reasons, ie NAFTA forcing mexicans across. Isn’t the wall just another neo-liberal policy of backwards socialism, public money into the private hands of corps like blackwater

Mexico - A Wall and a War

My form of resistance is a silent one.  One that is common when living in a bordertown. It is one of sadness and hope.  It is that of the border wall and a drug war.  Both are things that seem like they have no solution.
I’ve lived in Los Angeles, San Diego & Tijuana, MX.  Out of all three, my favorite place of all was Tijuana, MX.  Many view it as a party town, but its not.  It’s more than that.  It’s an explosion of culture. A world within a city. It is a fusion of new and old. It is truly a concrete jungle.  But its a beautiful one full of life and movement.  There aren’t many places where…

USA - Universities subsidize the perpetrators of genocide & conquest worldwide

Resisting War Criminals at Cornell.

The story treats a very small act of resistance, and relates to the larger issue of how Universities and other social institutions subsidize the perpetrators of genocide and conquest worldwide.

USA - Challenging a profit driven medical system

USA - Midwifery illegal in some states of USA and Canada

Resistance - in terms of midwifery its huge within canada and usa as it is illegal and a massive underground movement.

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