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USA - I resist giving up my own beliefs or making them conform to those of my employer.

I was brought up in mountainous West Virginia, the only state in the US that’s completely within Appalachia. It is also one of the nation’s poorest regions. I grew up surrounded by racism, poverty, anti-intellectualism, and somehow, a conservative love for the status quo. I didn’t understand, and so I left when it came my time to go to college.

In Cleveland, a three-hour drive from the only place I’d ever called home, there was so much room for growth. Within a month I found a job working for an organization that nurtured women and minorities in academic careers, and then I also worked for my school’s office of equal opportunity and diversity. I also joined a council on minorities…

USA - Living in a tree for 2 years

I’d recommend the story of Julia Butterfly Hill. Living in a tree for over 2 years to prevent loggers from cutting it down is about the most I’ve seen any american ‘resist’.
Quite a compelling story.

Mexico - A Wall and a War

My form of resistance is a silent one.  One that is common when living in a bordertown. It is one of sadness and hope.  It is that of the border wall and a drug war.  Both are things that seem like they have no solution.
I’ve lived in Los Angeles, San Diego & Tijuana, MX.  Out of all three, my favorite place of all was Tijuana, MX.  Many view it as a party town, but its not.  It’s more than that.  It’s an explosion of culture. A world within a city. It is a fusion of new and old. It is truly a concrete jungle.  But its a beautiful one full of life and movement.  There aren’t many places where…

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