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Poetry - Celebration to the Hole

Well, i’m a actress and i just can express myself, my rebellion, my discomfort and everything that’s make me feel very close to explode, making something more “artistic”. So, sometimes, i write, write and write… and sometimes i make poetry. I don’t know that is a history about resistance but i want to leave in this space a specific poetry that i made which i think have a lot of resistance’s screams.

Kiss and love to everybody (pleeease, let’s LOVE more, people!):

Let us all to the hole
Playing the devil magic
with bronze powder stored in pockets
Let us all play
In the mud and chaos of falsehood
Of the plastic smiles
In excess of…

Mexico/USA - what does the wall represent?

I’d like to ask that when you explore the look at the wall it isn’t simply about people fleeing poor mexico into the wonderful US of A there are plenty of mexicans, (i assume i’ve never been) that wouldn’t want to go to America, even if they could earn more. Also how about the economic reasons, ie NAFTA forcing mexicans across. Isn’t the wall just another neo-liberal policy of backwards socialism, public money into the private hands of corps like blackwater

Mexico / US border - an important site of cultural exchange, migration flows and inequalities

I’m greatly encouraged by the possibility of part of the film focusing on the site of Tijuana, as Gael discussed with Annie Lennox. Not only is it clearly an important site of cultural exchange, migration flows and inequalities but, as with many border areas, the creation of difference is on some levels only imaginary because the strict lines of cultural division that national borders insist upon, do not accurately embrace the realities of movements between and against them.
Importantly the factory culture of female workers in Cuidad Juarez, would also be an interesting inclusion perhaps, where the many unsolved “femicide” cases speak volumes on some of the extremely negative aspects of machista culture. Of course, I do not intend to…

Nigeria - Filing a law suit against Shell.


THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS—November 5, 2008 – Four Nigerian citizens,
Friends of the Earth Netherlands and Nigeria will file a unique lawsuit
against Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell in The Hague on Friday 7 November.

For the first time in history Shell’s international headquarters will
have to appear in court to respond to charges of causing environmental
damage abroad. The Nigerian plaintiffs, fishermen and farmers from the
oil-rich Niger Delta area, suffered from the effects of oil spills
related to Shell oil operations.
On November 7, their Dutch lawyer will serve a summons on Shell,
accusing it of negligence. New investigation shows that the villages of
the Nigerian plaintiffs have…

Brazil - The Enawene-Nawe have decided to fight for the right to decide their own future and not grant this right to others.

The Enawene-Nawe are an indigenous group that lives in the Juína River
basin. The group is related to the Aruaque, and have a population of 520
people and they occupy a territory of 742,000 hectres. The Enawene-Nawe had
their lands demarcated in 1996, more than 20 years after their first contact
with the modern world. The demarcation, however, neglected to include areas
crucial to the Enawene-wene´s culture. They wish to expand their territory,
having seen the area they have indicated that they have a historic and
sacred relationship with the land that is important for their survivial
culturally, and physically. The Enaweane’s request to expand their
territories has enraged local farmers. In the disputed Black River region,
agricultural development and…

Brazil - Deni indigenous people fighting logging companies.

From 2001-2004, we had worked very closely with the deni indigenous people
for the brazilian government official recognition of their right to the
land. In 2000, we discovered that a huge portion of land was bought by the
Malaysian logging company WTK in the western of the amazonas state… when
investigating, we also found that part of the land bought by WTK was
occupied by the Deni indigenous people and we went there to alert them. The
deni were very scared and asked for our help to protect their land.
Together with other indigenous organizations, a multi-skilled team went to
the Deni land and worked with them, teaching the Indians how to use
demarcation tools (as compass, GPS, etc) to…

Ecuador - supporting local people fighting against violations of environmental, human rights & indigenous rights laws.

The Yasuni National Park is in the Ecuadorian Amazon and considered to
be one of the most bio-diverse places in the world.  Until 50 years
ago, when oil was discovered there it was almost completely
disconnected from the rest of Ecuador and the world.  The Waorani, the
original indigenous people of the area, have fought to resist
conquistadors and other intruders through the centuries, the most
famous being Francisco de Orellana in search of El Dorado.  The
Waorani,  were first ‘peacefully’ contacted in the late 1950’s however
there were groups who rejected this contact, fled deeper into the
forest and still maintain voluntary isolation from the rest of the
world.  Also inhabiting el Yasuni region are the Kichwa and Shuar…

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