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Penny de los Santos, a documentary photographer based in Texas, was awarded The National Geographic Photography Grant to continue her documentary work on the Texas/Mexican border and Tejano culture.


She explains: “This region of Texas is a place where cultures clash and are constantly being redefined. I spent a total of four years developing the body of work, to this day I am still documenting the culture and the geography. This photograph was taken in the Texas/Mexico border town of Laredo. The young woman is being fitted for a dress by the designer, at right, her mother and designers assistants. She is being introduced into “high society” at a ball and pageant that happens annually by the Society Of Martha Washington. This induction into “high society” is based on family heritage and class and has been passed down from generation to generation since the 1950’s.”

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Curated by Régine Debatty

Régine Debatty writes about the intersection between art, design and technology on her blog

She also contributes to various design and art magazines, curates art shows and lectures internationally.

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